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Zandsculpturenfestival Middelkerke
Zandsculpturenfestival Middelkerke
Zandsculpturenfestival Middelkerke

The Sand Sculpture Festival Middelkerke 2024 will be the centre of the world!

The Middelkerke Sand Sculpture Festival will unfold this summer as the gateway to not one but to many remarkable worlds. This year we are taking visitors on an imaginary world trip. You can put together your trip yourself. Do you want to see Sphinxes in Egypt or wild animals in Africa? Would you rather visit the Taj Mahal, Japanese temples, or Easter Island? Or would you rather fly over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to return to Middelkerke via New York City and London? In any case, your trip will be international!

Zandsculpturenfestival Middelkerke
Zandsculpturenfestival Middelkerke

More than just a trip!

As return visitors already know, the Sand Sculpture Festival Middelkerke offers more than just sand dunes between the sculptures. We are once again joining forces with the Proefkonijnen for a new exciting interactive performance for young and old. And if you want to try making a sand sculpture yourself, you can attende one of the many sand workshops with our sand expert.

The perfect summer cocktail

While the kids have fun on the bouncy castle and get creative in one of the play zones, the rest of the family and friends can relax in the beach bar with a snack and a drink. In short, the Middelkerke Sand Sculpture Festival is the perfect cocktail for a day of fun at the seaside.

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The ideal location

Just like in 2023, you will find us on the beach at the Arthur De Greefplein. You can't miss our festival site of over 5,000 square meters! Our location is at the tram stop (De Greefplein) and is therefore easily accessible, even for those using the NMBS Discovery Ticket, which gives you a 50% discount on your train journey.

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