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Zandsculpturenfestival Middelkerke

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do small children have to pay?

    Children up to and including 3 years old do not need a ticket and can enter the expo for free.

  • What are open tickets?

    Open tickets are tickets without a fixed date. With these tickets, you can come to the Sand Sculpture Festival Middelkerke at any time.

  • Can I exchange my tickets?

    Sorry, purchased tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded.

  • Can I also buy tickets on-site?

    We recommend reserving your tickets in advance. However, if space is available, you can also buy tickets on-site.

  • I don't see the discount for residents of Middelkerke?

    Tickets for residents of Middelkerke and people with a second residence can buy tickets with a 2 euro discount from April 1st at the Tourism Middelkerke and Westende.

  • Are dogs allowed?

    Dogs on a leash or in a carrier bag are allowed.

  • Is the event stroller and wheelchair-friendly?

    Yes, there is a wheelchair-friendly walking path constructed.

  • Which tram do I need to take and where do I need to get off?

    You should take the coastal tram towards Middelkerke and get off at the 'De Greefplein' stop. We are located nearby!

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